Thought for the Day - 22nd December - 2010

People are suffering despair and defeat on account of the waywardness and unsteadiness of the senses. This is the result of inability to control and guide the intelligence and mind! The conflicting desires infecting the mind have to be quenched and controlled. Plunge the wayward mind, which is fleeing in all directions, in contemplation of the Name of the Lord; the effect will be like concentrating the rays of the sun through a piece of magnifying glass. The scattered rays develop the power of a flame to burn and consume. So too, when the waves of intellect and the feelings of mind get one-pointedness through the converging lens of the Atma, they manifest as the Universal Divine Splendour that can scorch evil and illumine joy. Everyone is able to gain success in his/her profession or occupation only through one-pointed attention. Even the pettiest of tasks needs the quality of concentration for its fulfilment. Thus, even the toughest problem yields to unswerving endeavour.

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