Thought for the Day - 16th December - 2010

Developing faith in the Atma Principle and loving it earnestly is true worship. There is only one Divine Self. Feel that it is more loveable than any object here or hereafter—that is the true adoration you can offer to God. This is what the Vedas teach. The Vedas do not teach the acceptance of a bundle of frightfully hard rules and restrictions. They do not hold before you a prison house where man is shut in by the bars of cause and effect. They teach us that there is One who is the Sovereign behind all these rules and restrictions, One who is the core of each object, each unit of energy, each particle or atom and One under whose orders alone the five elements—ether, air, fire, water and earth operate. Love Him, adore Him, worship Him - this is the grand philosophy of Love as elaborated in the Vedas.

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