Thought for the Day - 18th December - 2010

The cart of inner senses (Anthah-karana) must be yoked to the bullocks of intelligence (Buddhi) and mind (Manas) and made to follow their tracks. But if the bullocks of Buddhi and Manas have no knowledge of the pathways of truth, righteousness, peace, and love and if they have never once trodden that path, then the cart of the inner senses itself might come to grief! Even if they are prodded to proceed, they will only drag the cart to the familiar post of confusion, injustice, cruelty, indiscipline, and falsehood! What then of the journey? When is the arrival to be? Therefore, Buddhi and Manas have to be taught the art of pulling the cart and moving steadily along the road. This has to be done by repetition of the Lord’s Name (Japa) and meditation (Dhyana).

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