Thought for the Day - 15th December - 2010

If you tread the holy path of truth, righteousness, peace, and love, the Lord Himself will bestow on you, all that is needed, all that is deserved! That will give you peace of mind. Offer everything to the Lord without any desire for the result; that indeed yields complete joy; that is indeed the easiest! While it is very difficult to speak untruth and act against Dharma, it is very easy to utter the truth and walk the path of Dharma (righteousness). It is a very pleasant task to speak out the thing just as it is; one need not spend a moment of thought upon it. To speak of what is not, one has to create the non-existent! It also plunges one into fear and fantasy, in to an atmosphere of restlessness and worry. So, instead of following sensory actions (Vishaya Karma) which offer all these troubles and complications, follow actions that liberate (Shreyo Karma), the path of Atmic bliss, which is true, eternal, and holy.

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