Thought for the Day : 9th March 2014

Sathya Sai Baba
Some students aim to just pass the examination or get perhaps 60%. Low aim is a crime. Who will tolerate or accept any work that is done 40% or 50%? Low marks tend to speak poorly of yourself – so never aim low, you must aim high. You should target a high 98%, then you will definitely cross at least 75%. ‘Success begets Success’, so in any examination, begin answering easy questions first, properly numbering and tracking them. Then, you will feel encouragement from within to continue to write, and slowly be able to handle even the difficult questions as well. On the other hand, if you begin with tough questions, then you may get depressed quickly in the limited time. Depression leads to confusion, which in turn leads to loss of memory. Then, even if you know the answer, you will not be able to answer correctly. So to have the right kind of enthusiasm you must answer easy questions first.
- ‘My Dear Students’, Vol 2, Ch1.
Education must result in humility. Humility is the best credential for success in life. - Baba

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