Thought for the Day : 10th March 2014

Sathya Sai Baba
All materials in this world will disappear after some time. The principle of Atma alone is imperishable. What is the Atmic Principle? That which pervades the entire body is Atma. You should try to broaden your mind by which you can merge in Divine Consciousness. For example, take a balloon and blow it. It grows bigger and bigger. As it gradually increases size, it also becomes thinner. After a point it becomes so thin than it bursts. Where does the air in that balloon go? It merges with the air outside, which is present everywhere. Thus conscience merges with the consciousness which is present everywhere. This is referred to as liberation, the final goal or emancipation. You can give it many names; they are not important. The goal is important. You must try to achieve this unity with Consciousness, and you can attain this by practising spirituality at all times with all your determination.
- ‘My Dear Students’, Vol 2, Ch 7, Apr 10, 2000.
Destroy your ego. Then you will have no need to seek liberation, you will
become liberation itself. - Baba

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