Thought for the Day : 3rd March 2014

Meditation is not merging the form in your mind. It is merging your mind with the Form, so that the mind doesn’t exist. There are three stages in this process – The Ooha (imagining the Form), Bhava(experiencing the Divine) and finally Sakshatkara (Realization). In the initial stages, the devotee imagines one’s favourite Divine Form, as they have seen before. Over time, the image vanishes in the mind and they begin experiencing the Form. This process takes longer and slowly, the devotee starts experiencing the Lord from the toe to the head. The impressions last longer and grow deeper and gradually, the image of the Lord that is firmly implanted becomes an inner reality. While the imagining stage gives only momentary joy, the experiencing stage results in complete identification of the seeker with the Lord. Thus, over time, awareness of the Divine results in oneness with the Divine (Brahmavid Brahmaiva Bhavathi).
- Divine Discourse, Vol 2, Ch 5, Mar 11, 1984.
Sathya Sai Baba
Meditation is nothing else but rising above desires. - Baba

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