Nandana Nama Samvatsara Wishes to you, ಶುಭಾಶಯಗಳು.


Hari Ohm,
        Wish you a very Happy Sri Nandana Nama Samvatsara Chandramana Yugadi. In this festival I am eager to share some information about the our Hindu System of Time and Nandana Nama Samvatsara Phala.

In this modern time most of the people following English Calendar than Hindu Panchaga. When any festival or any auspicious event to perform one will refer Panchanga or contacts a vedic Astrologer. Modern Students are celebrating English New Year than Yugadi. Our Hindu System of Calendar created by Lord Vishnu. By the grace of God I am happy to share few lines about our ancient System of Time.
The Supreme Maha Vishnu - the omnipresent, Omnipotent, Omniscient, creator, protector, destroyer, giver of knowledge, ignorance, bondage and liberation creates Chaturmukha Brahma from his Navel. He then creates the universe manifesting Himself in the four-faced Brahma. The life of a universe is linked to the life span of the Chaturmukha Brahma.

The life span of Brahma is 100 cosmic years (Caturmukha brahmaNaH paramAyurvarShashataM). This quantum is denoted as Para.

1 cosmic year = 360 cosmic days.
1 cosmic day = 28 Manvantaras (14 Manvantaras = day, 14 manvantaras = night).
1 Manvantara = 71 Mahayuga.
1 Mahayuga = 4 Yugas (43 lakh 20 thousand human years)
4 yugas = Krita, Treta, Dvapara, Kali.
Krita Yuga = 17 lakh 28 Thousand human years 17,28,000.
Treta yuga = 12 lakh 96 Thousand human years = 12,96,000.
Dvapara yuga = 8 lakh 64 thousand human years = 8,64,000.
Kaliyuga = 4 lakh 32 thousand human years = 4,32,000

Out of the 100 years of Brahma time 50 years have already elapsed. We are now in
the 51st year of Brahma, first month, first day (kalpa by name Shvetavarahakalpa). In
the day time 13 ghatikas 42 pala have elapsed During this day time of Brahma out of 14 Manvantaras 6 Manvantaras viz., Svayambhuva,Svarochisha,Uttama, Tapasa, Raivata,Chakshusha have elapsed. The 7th Manvantara by the name Vaivasvata manvantara is currently running.

In Vaivasvata manvantara out of 71 Mahayugas, 27 Mahayugas have elapsed. We are currently in the 28th Mahayuga. There too, Krita, Treta, Dvapara Yugas have elapsed and Kaliyuga is in progress.

Krita Yuga : This is the first yuga among the 4 yuga cycle which constitute 1 Maha Yuga. The four legs of the Dharma = Satya, Daya, Tapas and Dana are fully intact in the Krita Yuga. The following are the chief characterstics of this Krita Yuga: Krita yuga duration: 17 lakh 28 thousand human years (17,28,000).
Dharma: Dharma is fully practiced (4 out of 4 parts)
Prana : Asthigata.
Height : 28 hastas.
Life span of humans : 1 lakh years.
Crops : 7 times a year.
Utensils : Made of gold.
Currency: Pearls.
Punya : 20 parts.
Papa : 0. People always speak truth.

Treta Yuga : Treta Yuga is the second among the 4 Yugas which constitute one Maha Yuga. The chief characteristics of this Yuga are as follows

Duration of Treta yuga: 12 lakh 96 Thousand human years (12,96,000).
Dharma: Dharma practiced 3 out of 4 parts.
Prana : Mamsagata.
Height : 14 hastas.
Life span of humans : 10 thousand years.
Crops : 5 times a year.
Utensils : Made of silver.
Currency: Gold.
Punya : 15 parts.
Papa : 5

Dvapara Yuga: Dvapara Yuga is the third among the 4 Yugas which constitute one Maha Yuga. This yuga occupies a significant position in the 4 Yuga cycle as this is the last Yuga in which Bhagavan Vishnu incarnates (that is why he is called Krishnavatara, Vedavyasa Avatara belong to this yuga only. The famous story of Mahabharata also happened during this age.

Dvapara yuga: 8 lakh 64 thousand human years = 8,64,000
Dharma: Dharma practiced 2 out of 4 parts
Pranaa: Raktagata
Height: 7 hastas
Life span of humans: 1 thousand years
Crops : 3 times a year
Utensils : Made of copper
Currency: silver
Punya : 10 parts
Papa : 10 parts

Kali Yuga : Kali Yuga is the last of the 4 Yugas which constitute one Maha Yuga. This  Yuga is also identified by the name Dark Age.The name Kali stems from the fact that in this Yuga happiness will be subdued.

Duration of kali yuga: 4 lakh 32 thousand human years = 4,32,000
Dharma : Dharma practiced 1 out of 4 parts
Prana : annagata (People survive on food and die if food is not partaken)
Height : 3.5 hastas
Life span of humans : 120 years
Crops : 2 times a year
Utensils : Made of mud, iron
Currency: copper
Punya : 5 parts
Papa : 15 parts

Elapsed Kali Yuga years : 5112
Remaining Kali Yuga years : 4,26,888
In this Kali Yuga there are 6 Shaka Kartas
1. Yudhishtira Shaka - 3044 Years
2. Vikrama Shaka - 135 Years
3. Shalivahana Shaka - 18,000 Years,Current Shaka elapsed - 1933. Remaining 16,067.
4. Vijayabhinandana Shaka - 10,000 years
5. Nagarjuna Shaka - 4,00,000 years 6. Kalki Bhoopa Shaka - 821 years.


In Nandana Nama Samvatsara Our entire Country will be peaceful. People in the entire country will lead a healthy and peaceful life.
1.     King - Sukra
Sukra is a benefic planet and Asura Guru. In this year plenty of rain fall will be there. Cows would give plenty of milk.. Due to good Kingdome and genuine people the entire country will be. Rainfall, crops are also good in this year. People in the country will lead a happy and peaceful life.
2.     Minister - Sukra
Sukra is the minister in this year so Crops will grow well and the farmers and the people more comfortable.
3.     Senadhipati - Sukra
Sukra is Senadhipati So rainfall will be comfortable in this year and people will lead a happy life.
4.     Sasyadhipati
a.      Poorva Sasyadhipati - Chandra
Chandra is the Poorva Sasyadhipati So Crops will grow well and the farmers and the people more comfortable in this year.
b.     Para Sasyadhipati - Sukra
Sukra is again para Sasyadhipati So All types of Crops will grow well and people will be benifited.
5.     Dhanyadhipati - Ravi
Ravi is the Dhanyadhipati in this year so un-expected & un-timely rainfall is indicating.
6.     Rasadhipati - Budha
Liquid food items will be more and comfortable in this year.
7.     Nerasadhipati - Chandra
Chandra is the Nerasadhipati So white items, Silver, Clothes will be available more.
8.     Argyadhipati - Sukra
9.     Meghadhipati - Sukra
Argyadhipati & Meghadhipati is Sukra in this year So plently of rain fall in the country and full of crops people will lead a happy and comfortable life.

By the grace of God I’ve developed Sri Nandana Nama Samvatsara Digital Panchanga (BETA). This is an excel file.  With the help of this panchanga you can easily know
·       Tithi, vara, nakshatra, Yoga & Karana
·       Hindu Festivals
·       Match Making (Compatability Checking)
·       Kandaya Phalam
·       Ekadashis
·       Gouri Panchanga.
 This is BETA version. You will get an updated version soon. If you have any Questions, Comments, Suggetions please contact me(VAISWANARA).
Click the below link to download Nandana Nama Samvatsara Digital Panchanga


God given an opportunity to share a little information about Yugadi. Thank you So Much & Happy Ugadi

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